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Hello dear Friends,

I designed a handle for SmallHD on camera monitors, similar to those found on the larger production monitors. I was in urgent need for a handle like that as I use my 703 with the newer 4K lt RX which is a petty backheavy configuration and therefore pretty cumbersome to pick up. It has the fitting pin configuration for SmallHD on the bottom and requires a standard 1/4 inch screw to safely attach.

My Prototype seen on the pictures is printed from PETG which is a little bit too flexy for my liking. I would recommend printing it in PC or ABS/ASA if your Printer is capable of doing that.

The handle should also work on other SmallHD Monitors. I tested it on my 503 too and it does fit in there although only without the cage.

As I am not completely happy yet I won't provide a link to thingiverse etc. but if you want to try it out just let me know.

Happy Shooting


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