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Hey everyone,

There are three accesories which I have created. I choose to make and give you theses customizable pieces, in order to satisfy any needs/requests. Every pieces are printed in PET-G.

- A viewfinder support for Arri Alexa Mini/Mini LF which can be fixed behind the top handle or everywhere you need. It is essentially for simplify the mounting on steadicam. The support is created with Arri pins lock to avoid the rotation. It is fixed with a 3/8 screw of baseplate.

Descargar PDF • 1.29MB

- A support for Teradek TX, various design with different center distance depending on the fixation. The support bracket is fixed with 1/4 screw (length : 3/4’’). There are two pins to avoid the rotation of Teradek but it is possible to not add it so you can put other transmitter. At the end, you can find a 3/8 thread with Arri pins lock. On the front, there are also two 1/4 thread for little accesories.

Descargar PDF • 1.59MB

- A voltmeter, even if there are already different models I don’t like their design. So I create my own. Like the other pieces, the fixing screw dont exceed from the model. I use extra flexible thread and cotton or PET braided sheath to make the power cable. The connector and color can be chosen.

Descargar PDF • 938KB

Details on the PDF.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you, Good focus 😊

Ralph Messer
Glenn van Eerden
Clemens Hoenig
Josue Loayza

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