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how do I get lens data on the cvolution panbar/steady zoom controller?

I’m using a camin+cforce combo with the zoom controller being the lbus end stop on an alexa mini LF. From the camera Im using a cam-lbus cable.

the lens is a signature prime 24-75 coom and both my cpro + and the camera recieves the lens data.

is it some legacy cvolution code that doesnt translate well to the new camin box? Or am I just missing a setting?

EDIT: and out of curiosity, since the little zoomunits only have 1 lbus, is there any way to connect 2 zoomcontrollers to the same daisy chain, incase a dop or operator wants to be able to controll one axis per hand (like zoom+ cinefade)? Like an LBUS split or something.

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