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Hi All! Me again.

A bug in V.23.15 revealed itself and has been addressed. V.23.16 is now available to download. Update notes have been added to the V.23 Notes Log and are also available below.

V23.16 UPDATE NOTES - October 06, 2023

Users can update directly from Cine RT LEGACY FIRMWARE and V.21.15 to any V.23 version. Video instructions on how to update your system are available by clicking here: FIRMWARE UPDATES. On completion of an update, as a general practice, we recommended resetting your Base Sensor and Handset to factory defaults. Doing this prevents the unlikely issue of older stored settings causing complications with the new firmware.

  • V23.16 provides a bug fix for an activation issue in the Close Minimum System Setting. Please see revised notes on the use of the Close Minimum next:

  • Addition of a new 6” NEAR LIMIT option. To swap the default 1’ near limit with the 6” near limit navigate to page 4 of the ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS and select “Enable” in the new CLOSE MINIMUM menu. New Note: We recommend using the default 1’ near limit for general-purpose use and using the 6” near limit when required. Depending on the ambient air temperature and other environmental conditions, it may be necessary to remove your UHP-100 Horn Protector when using the close minimum (in order to avoid potential sensitivity issues related to the near limit being in close proximity to the component hardware).


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