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Timothy Tan
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Clemens Hoenig

Shared this in the cmotion community as well - hey y’all. Using my control cable for my Cpro on Venice for the first time. im able to get nd, frame rate and playback. Is there any other options (ei, quick buttons etc) I can unlock via camera settings ?

Akeem Ajibola

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Clemens Hoenig

How do I flip the image in the venice? I.e. for shooting steady cam low mode?

Thanks in advance

dear colleagues,

i need to change the password of the Sony Venice 1, I am working with, I went to authentication an set a new one (ABCDEFGH1) I want to execute over the „Done“ button, but no reaction, I restarted the cam but it is still the same problem, anyone ideas?

thanks in advance, Aeneas.

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