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Anyone know how to adjust the friction of the MK3.1 focus wheel knob? I've read these instructions but my 2 screws inside the knob do not come loose, or cannot be tightened. They don't go anywhere. I do not want to force them. The instructions also suggest using a 1.5mm hex/allen key but a 1.5 hex/allen key swims inside my screws. When using a 1/16 hex/allen key I get a good tight grip. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

John Geoghegan
John Geoghegan
John Geoghegan
Oct 01, 2021

@Marcel Overwijn I can only assume that the set screws have become rounded off. They are definitely a 1.5mm allen key fixing. They both secure the controller knob onto the shaft of the knob potentiometer. If you can get a firm grip onto them with a 1/16 you may be able to remove them to replace with new screws. These are M3 x 8mm cup set screws that should be available locally, or we can happily post some out to you. If you do not feel confident on removing the screws we have an excellent support service who will be able to remove and replace them for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.



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