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Hi everyone, maybe some of you might come to need this. I have made an adapter so you can use motors on an old ARRI Tilt&Shift rig. best results with a resin printer, or PETG.

  • NH
    Tiffany Aug

    Hi all!

    I know next to nothing about 3D printing, but I'm hoping someone here can help solve a problem.

    Working with a DP lately who likes to use an old set of Panavision glass where the iris pitches vary between standard (m0.8, 40teeth) and PV iris (m0.4/64 pitch, 80teeth).

  • WP

    Thomas Walker
    3D Design Award 2021

    Hey Friends!!!!!

    After a few years of chipping away at this project I have decided to release it.

    DIY Onboard battery mount for your SR3

  • Joshua Hall
    Andrew Paradis
    Clemens Hoenig

    Hey Gang, am I blind or is there one place we can see all the files everyone has been so generous to bless us with in this community?


  • Hi guys. I've a lot of smallrig monitor lock and i recently bought a cinetape (first version), so I decided to design a back replacement for the head display with a male quicklock integrated. Feel free to remove the quick lock and add other connection type (ex 1/4 thread).

    file here:

  • Lorenzo Catenacci
    Joshua Hall
    Jose Burgos
    Chanan Vongpatra

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