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Focusbug Technologies Inc. developed the Cine RT System to provide ACs with solid subject distance data and enable them to get traditional focus marks quickly and discreetly. Our goal was to create a tool that would eliminate the need to pull tape or sight lasers and dispel the notion that there is no time to get useful marks. We quickly realized that a multi-faceted approach to the use of ultrasonic technology and native RF communication within the Cine RT would expand its versatility as a measuring device. The system's proprietary software was built from the ground up, tailored to the unique requirements of focus pulling.

Over two years of design evolution and revision through industry beta testing brought the System to market in 2017. With over 850 units sold around the world, we have since seen the Cine RT used on sets from the smallest music videos to blockbusters like 1917, Dune, and No Time To Die. We are thankful to the international 1st AC community, whose valuable feedback and input through all phases of development has helped continue to guide our product ecosystem.

Recently we have had the pleasure of working with various LCS manufacturers to improve serial data rates and overall lens control compatibility for reference and focus tracking applications. Our latest venture is in the form of bi-directional communication with the new Arri Hi-5. We look forward to strengthening relations with other industry players, such as c motion, Heden and Teradek RT, through uni-directional improvements, including custom protocols designed with each manufacturer.

With new system firmware updates and the development of several new Cine RT System products, we plan to add further value to our product line in order to expand our client's set of focus pulling tools. We look forward to centralizing our media in this FPAW group to build ties between members of the international AC and Focusbug Communities.


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