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NEW CVP Event!

Mastering the ARRI Hi-5 with Jim McLean

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Wednesday 11th May

Thursday 12th May

This event is ideal for those looking to expand their knowledge of professional lens control systems and its applications, or anyone who is new to wireless solutions. It is built on an entirely practical basis, so expect a candid and informative flow of conversation, with an opportunity to explore bespoke setups.

Jim will also demonstrate Focusbug integration as well as the added functionality when working on RED and Sony, following the release of camera control licenses for the ARRI Hi-5.

A general overview of topics covered will be:

  • From box to use - setting up the handset to work with camera systems

  • Understanding the day to day use of the handset

  • How to rig your setup and settings for motors and controllers

  • Generating lens files

  • Importing lens files

  • Differences between the Hi-5 & WCU-4

  • Working collaboratively between the Hi-5 & WCU-4

  • New camera control licenses

Lewis Thompson
Ivi Koyck
Clemens Hoenig

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