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Dose the Arri camera control for the cine 7 allow you to scrub through clips during playback?

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Hey All! I hope everyone is having a great day. Playing around with the new RT Overlay Focus Marks collected with the Control 3. To enable the Focus Marks you must load the Teradek RT Firmware V1.2.7 and Small HD Pages OS5 Firmware v5.0.0-BETA-3. We sent the Cine RT Teradek Serial Protocol to the MDR.X and used autofocus (50mm, T1.5) as an example of how the marks work. The overlay makes for a pretty nice graphic representation of your subject's position in relation to your marks!



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Hey All.

Im having an issue linking my 703 Bolt and CTRL.3 and wondering if I’m missing something. I’ve got the latest firmwares on both but cant seem to get the monitor to read the handset. It works perfectly on my older 702 using the micro USB/5pin cable.

“The overlays set the Teradek RT system apart from any other wireless follow focus system in our field ... normally I’d have to look down at the controller to see the focus marks or make mental marks on the distances. Now I have my marks right on the screen I’m looking at.” -Tyler Hollman, 1st AC. Read more about Tyler's experience here.

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Teradek RT and SmallHD integrate seamlessly to give users many more capabilities. Read more about how Teradek RT works with your SmallHD monitor here.

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