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Hi everyone,

Heres a quick little print for the Cinetape sensor. I guess most of you are using Cine RT or Light Ranger systems these days but this may come in handy for Cinetape users. This is a replacement back for the sensor that has a 1/4" printed internal threaded hole that can be used to directly screw in a Noga arm or anything with a 1/4" thread.

To use it you will need to remove the original back from the sensor and replace it whilst taking care not to pinch any if the wires when tightening the bolts. Also I should note that extra care should be taken when using in wet condition as the printed back does not seal as well as the original back does (maybe some silicone sealant might be a solution if anyone has worries). I have used premium PLA for this print as it requires you to print with a support but I i'm guessing that PTEG, ABS or nylon would be better materials to print this design with as the internal thread would last longer.

Enjoy and as always feel free to share and adapt.

cinetape back with 1_4 thread.stl
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