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Michael Heiland's post made me remember one of my old projects a few years back. I designed a attachement gear that doesn't replace the original ARRI/Cmotion one, but fits on top so there is no risk of slipping. (you just need to screw out the OG screw and fit it back over the 3D printed gear). UPDATE : New XL 20mm wide 0.8 gear

I had a 40 teeth to 60 teeth on 0.8 pitch already tested and worked great when I needed a bit more room for the Cforce motors. So I kept the same design and made a 0.4 pitch version. Here they are :

I made two stl files for each product because the label prints better upward, I just used CA glue to stick it on the back of the gear.

The label is 100% optionnal as it only covers the underside witch isn't as smooth because of the support removal.

Enjoy printing :)

Alexandre Valentim
Hector Julian
Hector Julian
Apr 12, 2023

Hey Julien! Are these gear conversions fit for panavision and iris gears? which would be each? Thank you in advance.


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