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Hi Gang! We recently mentioned getting back into the Cine RT’s Beta LCS Focus Tracking Menu to do some refinements and we wanted to give you an update. We’ve been playing with a new setting called “Multi-Ping”. Shane (our new project manager/programmer/former 1st AC) and I shot some quick autofocus tests last week of an early version of Multi-Ping working with the ARRI Hi-5 and wanted to share.

We opted to shoot it quite close and mostly wide open on a 47mm Signature Prime and were very happy with the performance of both the new setting and the motor response and speed of the ARRI cforce mini RF motor.

Shane graciously agreed to be the subject this time around and suffered through my poor operating. Our goal was to see how this preliminary version could hold up during some repeated push-ins and pull-outs that would allow us to assess the consistency of performance. We ended up mixing it up a bit, got a little silly, and eventually ran out of battery power; however, we were pretty pleased with the results so far! We hope to move toward releasing a new firmware version with Multi-Ping for your Cine RT soon.



Fabio Giolitti
Fabio Giolitti
Dec 07, 2023

Really impressive! Good job guys👏👏👏👏


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