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Connor Lambert

Been having a weird issue with Alexa 35 builds but trying to pinpoint the exact cause. Has anyone had this issue before?

Build as follows: Alexa 35 LBUS to Mini Motor (iris) then daisy-chain LBUS to RF Motor (client mode, focus). CineRT with serial Y Cable to Alexa 35 body.

Issue: Occasionally when plugging in my CineRT the motors will glitch and run constantly full speed. Their lights turn off and unplugging/plugging back in doesn’t stop them from spinning endlessly. Only rebooting the camera fixes it. It usually happens at prep so I think it may be an order of operations glitch where if the camera is on, plugging motors in THEN my horns causes the issue. Plugging everything in with the camera off first seems to avoid the issue.

Anybody have this issue or any insight?

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