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Hi All! On the heels of receiving the Handset Skins, we are planning a companion Skin for the Base Sensor - So we wanted to pick your brains regarding design! I've included a few CAD pictures below as examples of our current direction.

Since the Base is an on-camera component our feeling is that it should come in black ONLY in order to minimize drawing attention to itself (as it is in a fairly conspicuous place on most builds) or running the risk of getting caught in reflections, etc. Please let us know your thoughts on going with ninja black only. If you would like another option please indicate why.

The Base will enter the Skin via a window in the front allowing the Horns to protrude. Third-party antenna protectors cannot be accommodated as the openings for the onboard LED/buttons and main connector ports are too close to allow for a suitably sized removable footprint. Instead, the antenna will fit into a solid silicone bumper block to secure the RF module coupling against side impacts, while the top opening will fit snugly around the antenna to add structural integrity. The Programmer Port has been left intentionally covered as access to it is not required for day-to-day use. We've indicated the Serial and Power ports with lettering and may identify "POWER" in red. Branding has been done in relief in the same colour as the skin to up the overall stealth game.

If anyone would like to weigh in with feedback please feel free to do so here or to reach out to me at



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