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Hi folks,

I'm having a major issue with the CineRT. I've owned it for around 8 months now and have never had any problems until now.

This week its begun playing up - the arrow distance readout on the hi5 seems to be bugging out, and the horns dont seem to be finding distances properly. When it does find a distance it seems to work okayish, but moving between subjects causes it to freak out (see video).

I've reset the horns and control unit to factory defaults, tried different control cables, tried hard wiring to the hi5 lbus (removing the hi5 radio module from the system), tried bug mode, and checked the firmware for the hi5/ lcube/ focusbug - they are all up to date except the cineRT which i just havent done the very latest update yet.

Bit worried my horns might be faulty and need a repair, but curious if Laird or anyone else can offer some advice!

Thanks :)

Laird Pierce
Laird Pierce
13. Nov. 2023

Hi Ben. Laird here. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Have you reached out to yet? If not, and you are still experiencing issues, please send Jon the video and technical rundown of your setup - including any changes made to the Noise Floor in Advanced System settings.

If you are panning along a wall and into 90-degree corners within a small reflective space it is definitely possible to get a reflection misreading. Adjusting Sensitivity as Ralph suggested can help compensate for hard featureless surfaces to a degree, but not entirely. If, on a person or softer target, you are continuing to get these misreadings then there definitely is an issue.

Since the system was previously working without issue for the extended period you mentioned, I am at a loss to explain what might be different now. We would have to take a look at the system and perform some baseline tests. Your system is under warranty, so if there is a defect we will of course take care of the issue.

The only thing that I can think of with regard to consistent bad readings would be a malfunctioning thermometer diode on the front of the Base or ultrasonic interference - which happens occasionally in certain spaces that have ultrasonic occupancy detection systems (to turn lights off/on depending on traffic motion); however, this is not such a common occurrence. Please perform a physical check of the little blue diode that is situated under the right horn when facing the base and make sure it is intact (not loose or missing). You can also take a quick peek in the Vitals menu to check that the ambient air temperature reading is accurate and not off. I don't think this is the issue but worth a check.

Please reach out to us directly and we will get you sorted out.



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