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We are excited to see the WGA affirm their strike-ending deal and are looking forward to a positive outcome for SAG-AFTRA.

We have several IATSE 669 International Cinematographers Guild members at Focusbug, so we see these challenging times from a personal perspective, as well as that of an industry-related business. As such, with the prospect of work returning, Focusbug is supporting the global community with our first-ever sale!

We are offering:

- 20% off MSRP list pricing for all in-stock product!

Cine RT System Packages | Power, Serial & Y-Cables | All Accessories

- Free Shipping on orders over $750 USD (before tax total)

- Sale pricing is effective immediately and runs until March 31, 2024!

- Stock is on the shelf and ready to ship!

- Order at: or contact us at

- The Solidarity Sale supports existing clients as well as newcomers. As production starts up again the discount assists clients seeking:

- Replacement or Back-Up Cables

- Bi-Directional Serial and Y-Cables for use with the Focusbug License for the ARRI Hi-5

- Additional Bug Transmitters & High-Bright Displays

Mounting Blocks | Horn Protectors | Protective Handset Skins

- All in-stock product is included!

Of course, we realize that the industry will not rebound instantaneously. If you are interested in adding a Cine RT System to your kit or inventory but need more time, a $500 USD deposit* received during the sale period will secure a Cine RT at the sale pricing until June 30, 2024.

*The deposit acts as a contractual purchase agreement securing a guaranteed 20% discount on a Cine RT System or Kit. Accordingly, the deposit amount is non-refundable if the purchase obligation is not met by the June 30, 2024 deadline.

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