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Hi Focusbug Group! I hope you are all doing well! I wanted to stop in to let you know that we are constructing a new site with a keyword-searchable USER VIDEO library. Since most of the videos are now ready, I've uploaded them all to the Focusbug YOUTUBE Channel! I have made an attempt to organize them all by title and playlist as an interim solution until the new site comes online.

In addition to the new USER VIDEOS we have updated the SYSTEM FEATURE OVERVIEW VIDEOS with a new opening title card and plan on adding new additions soon featuring more recent firmware. I'll be in Europe in March to shoot a ARRI Hi-5 Tech Talk with ECS Project Manager Tobias and we are excited to have media to release in the spring concerning the Hi-5 ecosystem and Cine RT System integration via the new Hi-Speed Serial Protocol (currently available through the RIA-1) and Focusbug License.

Thanks to all who have been tagging us on Instagram! It has been our approach to simply repost your posts and stories back to the community so people can connect about old gear, new gear, and what is happening in the AC world. We will be bringing the conversation onto the new site in a number of ways and we hope that anyone who is interested will contribute. If you would like to send me feedback on using the Cine RT System and/or pictures of your builds and general set life please don't hesitate to email me directly at


Many thanks!



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